Animefest 2012 AMV contest rules


  • Action/UpBeat
  • Drama/Romance
  • Comedy/Parody

Every contestant can enlist at most two AMVs, each to a different category from those listed above (AMV can consist of more independent parts). While enlisting the AMV, contestant should specify which category he/she enlists his/her AMV in. Organisers reserve the privilege to reassign the category.

Following prizes will be awarded:

  • Best AMV of AnimeFest - awarded to AMV with most votes from audience across categories
  • Best AMV in "Action/UpBeat" category - awarded by votes from audience
  • Best AMV in "Drama/Romance" category - awarded by votes from audience
  • Best AMV in "Comedy/Parody" category - awarded by votes from audience
  • Animefest portal award - (for Czech authors only) awarded by votes from portal users
  • Jury Award
  • Jury Award for personal improvement - (for Czech authors only) awarded to author who shows radical improvement from last year or created an extraordinary AMV above levels of common AMV production

General rules

  • AMV contest is open for all citizens of "Visegrad four" countries - Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland and Hungary
  • The contestant must be an author or part-taker of enlisted AMV
  • The contest is open for individuals (AMVs which are work of a team can be enlisted by any member of given team but only once)
  • The contest is open for AMVs which did not participate in previous AMV contests on AnimeFest
  • When submitting an AMV, author have to list all applications and tools he/she used to created the AMV
  • Organisers reverve the privilege to disqualify any AMV which they found to be in conflict with laws of Czech Republic or with good manners.
  • The contestant agrees with publication of the AMV on a webpage (after the contest)
  • Participation in the contests in not enforceable
  • Deadline for submitting AMVs is April 15th, 2012add to  Google Calendar
  • The AMV should be submitted through web-form (contact for alternative ways of submitting). After successful upload, fill the form to enter the contest.
  • If you need more information, please, contact

Technical rules

  • Enlisted AMV must be at least 1 minute long (without credits) but not longer than 5 minutes (with credits). AMV must consist of video and sound track.
  • Enlisted AMV must not have subtitles or have picture deformed, if it's not authors intention (TV station logos are accepted but may result in lower score)
  • Enlisted AMV must not contain black stripes (letterbox or pillarbox)
  • Enlisted AMV must consist of at least 70% of scenes from anime or manga. All used video sources must have a record on ANN encyclopedia.
  • Enlisted AMV must not use other AMV as a source.
  • Size of submitted file should not exceed 200 MB


  • Video resolution should be 640x360 pixels at least but not more than 1920x1080.
  • Suggested video containers: AVI, MPEG, MKV, MP4
  • Video containers WMV and MOV are allowed but not suggested due to possible issues with playback.
  • Allowed video codecs:  Xvid, DivX, H.264, H.263, MPEG-2, Windows Media Video
  • Video frame-rate should be at least 23,976 FPS


  • Allowed audio codecs: MP3, Ogg Vorbis, ACC
  • Suggested sampling rate: at least 44,1 kHz @ 16 bit


  • AMV must contain credits with following: Authors name or nickname, used song (name and author), video sources (list of all used animes and mangas)
  • Contestants should provide two versions of their AMV - one complete and one anonymous - without author's name. Anonymous version will be screened during the contest.