Rules of conduct

Animefest is a cultural event, so we’d like all visitors to conduct themselves according to these rules. The venue means the grounds of the BVV Trade Fairs Brno and the gym (TJ Sokol).

Animefest is organized by Brno otaku, the contacts are listed hereThere will be additional staff at the venue marked as organizers.


1. Visitors have been informed that they can be banished from the event in case of breaking these rules.

2. Visitors agree to these rules, which they show by wearing the visitor pass (bracelet). They cannot enter the event otherwise.

3. Visitors are required to visibly wear the bracelet that they receive at the entrance during the whole duration of the event.

4. Animefest and none of the organizing staff are responsible for visitors below age 15, who are at the venue, nor for any injuries or damages suffered.

5. Consummation of alcohol or other intoxicants at the venue is strictly forbidden. The drinks that are offered in the refreshment tent are allowed.

6. Smoking at the venue is forbidden.

7. Entering the venue while intoxicated is forbidden.

8. Copying of materials that are under copyright at the venue is forbidden.

9. If you wish to use the electrical outlets for your devices, you need to obtain permission from the organizers.

10. Selling one’s own merchandise outside of the reserved areas is forbidden. If you wish to have a stall at the event, let the organizers know in advance.

11. The event is organized at the cinema and in conference halls; the visitors will not be running, shouting and will wear clean clothes. The visitors will not disturb the programme of the event (e.g. eating during talks, etc.)

12. Abide by the fire regulations that are clearly posted, do not block the stairs and corridors.

13. Weapons or dummy weapons can be brought into the venue only for cosplay reasons. Allowed are firearms, category D (e.g. airsoft) without the magazine or with empty magazine sealed by organizers. Other weapons need to be soft or unused fixed part of the costume. Costume and all accessories need to be safe, with no sharp edges or other dangerous parts. Hazardous use of weapons will result in confiscation of the weapon or banishment from the convention, shooting from weapons means permanent ban from the convention.

14. Any found items will be stored at the information booth, where you can pick it up after proving ownership.

15. Visitors have a right to the reduced registration fee after registering here (odkaz). This registration is not identical to the registration for the website.

16. Visitors agree to comply with the instructions from organizers. The instructions are binding and not complying will result in banishment (see above, point 1).

17. If a visitor disagrees with organizers instructions, or if they believe that the instructions are in contradiction with the rules, the head organizer will resolve the situation. This decision is final.


Additional rules for the gym

1. Using any equipment (without explicit permission from organizers) is forbidden. Damaging any equipment is forbidden.

2. All visitors need to keep peace and quiet at night between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

3. Do not leave any valuables in the gym (you can leave them in the cloakroom).


Additional rules for waste handling


Due to expansion of the event, we’re going to be sorting the waste at the whole venue. Containers for plastic wrappings, plastic bottles and drink cartons will be blue. Containers for paper waste will be outside and near the info booth in congress centre and ORGpoint in Rotunda. Containers for other waste will be black.


All visitors are required to sort the waste into the correct containers.

The rules are valid from 15.3. 2014, the organizers reserve the right to change and add to the rules.